Scripterz rudating scripts

Rebel Squad has been given over to the user, GOD2U.

GOD2U has released a new logo for Rebel Squad and is currently working on new bases for Rebel Squad. Jared also copies clothing, such as group uniforms, and a shirt that was made by Studio ARE. He has proven to be homosexual in one of his videos and has made some videos about him and his relationship with his boyfriend.

However, Jared has claimed that he got these games without doing the above and took them only because they were un-copylocked.

While this is in a way cool (since that means the browser's now considered mainstream), it's also hard to believe.

In his You Tube channel it was also mentioned that Jared's favorite food was pizza.

On Febraury 4, 2017, he returned to Roblox for only one day.

Studio ARE threatened to sue Jared for Copyright on their company name and stealing their 'Ro War' Series. After Vortex Security leader Chibitobi refused to take Jared's offer of 2 million to 3 million tix to sell the group to him, Jared made a clone of Vortex Security, naming it Team Vortex.

He copied Vortex Security's logo, as well as their uniforms. Jared took ownership of a group called Rebel Squad.

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