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So magical, that we’d be remiss not to draw inspiration from them and use it to shape our own creations and identities.Which is exactly what hair stylists, aka creative geniuses, have done with the opal, using its stunning appearance to inspire an equally arresting hair color.Here the hype on Woolery’s products, as described by Shop NBC: · Chuck Woolery Moto Lures Set of 4 (D10159): Attract the attention of more fish with a set of 4 motorized lures.· Chuck Woolery Bait or Spin Reel Automotive Antenna Fishing Rod (D10158): Listen to your favorite stations while enjoying time on the water.Hopefully, you're prepared for a long-term, loving, and committed relationship, because that's what you're going to get with these recs.Here's to love, health, happiness, and really, really great hair.In my opinion, the multifaceted hue is akin to what a piece of paper covered in light swirls of colorful watercolor paint looks like. spoke to Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger to understand exactly how the color is achieved.

But in addition to Shop NBC, you can find Woolery on cable’s GSN, hosting its game show “Lingo.” Chuck Woolery Outdoors features items ranging from the Moto Lure, a motorized lure (Duh), to NASA engineered sunglasses.

Similarly to dating, you have to play the field a bit, get together a couple of times, weigh your options, and ultimately decide whether they're worth settling down for.

It's exhausting, but once you meet the one, there's no turning back.

Opal, the national gemstone of Australia, is a mineraloid that forms in rock fissures and looks like a mixture between a pearl and any of the holographic fabric that Zenon or Protozoa wore in .) Featuring iridescent speckles of pastel pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue, it looks so otherworldly that it seems unfathomable that it could form naturally.

But the world is a beautiful place and gives us many magical wonders.

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