Religions against interracial dating

Or, rather, they are not complex as we understand such things.

Doug Laycock, a religious liberty expert at the University of Texas law school, similarly told me we are a “long way” from equating orientation with race in the law.

Born from the Maker's curse against arrogant humans (if you believe the Chantry, at least), the darkspawn's entire purpose of existence is to repeatedly attempt to wipe out all life in the world, spreading a virulent, ecology-destroying plague called the taint in the process.

Normally mindless and disorganized, the darkspawn live in the Deep Roads beneath the earth, unseen and rarely thought of (except for the dwarves, who have to live with them). When that happens, they infect it with the taint, making into a Archdemon which organizes the hordes and drives them to the surface, attacking and destroying everything in their path.

Drohg had been lighting a torch when one attacked, and we finally caught a glimpse of something other than shadows.

In the flame's light, we saw a man's body like those of the Imperium humans, but covered in scales.

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    Public prejudice, vulnerability, and need for privacy make these connections difficult.

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