Relative dating earth layers

Such a response is at the opposite pole from the first; it is reactionary the tradition.

Confronted with the intellectual power of modern science and scholarship, those traveling this path are overtaken by the concern that the faith community is living in a fantasy world, and that it is not possible for an educated person to hold to core Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Beaufort Group (Permian-Triassic), Karoo Basin, South Africa.

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Gordon, Houston Baptist University, USA; Email | [email protected] | Gordon, B. Scandal of the Evangelical Mind: A Biblical and Scientific Critique of Young-Earth Creationism. The intellectual tension resulting from what the Jewish-American novelist Chaim Potok called a "core-to-core cultural confrontation" between historic Judeo-Christian orthodoxy and the "umbrella culture" of secular modernity is commonplace and virtually unavoidable in the modern West (Walden 2001, 2013).

It continues to be the most common view of the relationship between science and Scripture held in the evangelical community and, unfortunately but understandably, the view of science most non-Christians associate with evangelicalism.

For scientifically literate non-Christians, it presents an obstacle to Christian faith, and for young Christians who have been raised to equate YEC with the teaching of Scripture, it can destroy their faith altogether when its falsity is discovered.

I am under no illusion that the rapprochement I offer here by way of critiquing young-earth creationism and absorbing what modern science and historical biblical scholarship has shown to be true is the reconciliation, and insofar as it eschews the particular scandal of the evangelical mind constituted by young-earth creationism while succeeding to demonstrate that an orthodox evangelical integration of science and biblical scholarship is possible, it will have served its purpose.

Speaking from evangelical culture, there are two primary questions of concern when evaluating young-earth creationism as a view of the relationship between Scripture and science.

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