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In the beginning, Hayden had the show deal, but when he lost his license with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Meaux, who previously worked with Hayden, said he stepped in since Hayden needed a licensed gun retail and manufacturer to continue “Sons of Guns.”Not all gun stores are created equal.In this case, Meaux Guns & Ammo seems to make more of a profit and places emphasis on the manufacturing side of things, instead of the store front items.She has also found herself in new role, encouraging victims of abuse learn to overcome their fear of speaking out.

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However, stigma or no stigma…seems nothing is going to stop Stephanie from moving forward!I can’t say that I was fully surprised, but more mildly shocked as I hadn’t heard a thing about them since the sexual assault incident, about the rebranding.While I was down in Louisiana, I talked to some of the local residents about the rebranding and the incident, it was large enough to make headlines throughout the state, and important enough even for the elderly to residents to remember it being a big deal.I examined some of their SBR and suppressor AR builds, and honestly I can’t say that I came away truly impressed. I’m not saying they don’t churn out great custom firearms, I’m just saying that they’re just as good and are like any other custom gun manufacturer, no better or worse.This is the front portion of the store, nothing but gear and surplus items in here, the firearms are in the back of the store.

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