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Your first line of defense in keeping your kids safe they go online is in your browser itself.While some might be too smart for browser limitations, it’s the best place to start.Microsoft made sure of that years ago when the rest of these browsers were just an idea.To access them, go to “Internet Options” and select the “Content” tab.There are however several Chrome-based parental control extensions.One of the most highly rated of these is “Nanny for Google Chrome.” This extension can block URLs, set time limits on sites and even blacklist sites you never want your kids to visit.“Fox Filter” is another filtering extension for blocking adult material and it works by having the user select from various categories that cover everything anything a parent might disapprove of, from drug use and plagiarism to adult material dating sites.Internet Explorer may not be the big dog anymore in the world of browsers, but it still soars above the rest when it comes to parental controls.

If you want to test what they’re like in beta mode, you can do so here.Find the “Passwords and forms” section and uncheck the box “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web.” You can also manage which content is shown under “Content settings,” which is also in the advanced settings area of Chrome.In this area, you can control several aspects of images, from whether any images are shown at all, which cookies are saved and disabling certain plugins to make certain sites unusable.These features cover it all – from the option to add site exceptions and control cookies, to safe browsing mode and blocking access to certain sites by a user.Our guide will outline how to set-up parental controls in every popular browser.

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