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Figure 3-2: The opening screen of the Visio installation process.Figure 3-3: Choosing either the default or a custom installation.Although not strictly required, it is recommended that you uninstall any previous version of Visio before installing VEA.To uninstall a previous Visio version, choose button and complete the uninstall process.

Figure 3-6: Templates for the database modeling solutions. On the left hand side, you will see the category list of Visio's non-database solutions that were summarized in section 1 “3.NET 2003, which was released in November, 2002, under the code name "Everett." This version of VEA included several important bug fixes.To improve productivity, you should ensure that your version of Visio for Enterprise Architects is at least as recent as that contained in the Enterprise Architect edition of Visual Studio . Before installing the product, ensure that your system meets the following minimum configuration: 600 MHz Pentium-III, 256 MB RAM, 750 MB free space on system drive, 2.5 GB free space on installation drive, recent operating system (Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows .Unless you want to customize the installation in some special way, choose the default installation by pressing the button, you can change the location for installing the software, and you can specify which features are to be installed.In either case, the installation process should then continue without further input to successful completion, as reported by the dialog shown in Figure 3-4. If a Visio icon appears on your desktop, you can also run Visio by double-clicking this icon.

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