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But then comes Ernest Jobling Purser who tells the family about the Pyrex being made in America.

James A Joblings (for whom the company is named JAJ) acquired the license to make Pyrex in England from the Corning company.

The consumer affairs magazine Consumer Reports investigated the issue and released test results, in January 2011, confirming that borosilicate glass bakeware was less susceptible to thermal shock breakage than tempered soda lime bakeware.

However, they admitted their testing conditions were “contrary to instructions” provided by the manufacturer.

Actually, we had a number of prior trade-marks ending in the letters ex.

One of the first commercial products to be sold under the new mark was a pie plate and in the interests of euphonism the letter r was inserted between pie and ex and the whole thing condensed to PYREX.

Not a long one, but a fun one…and I promise-no quiz at the end. Sunderland, England to be exact and the year is 1922.

It took me a few days longer than I had expected to write this but with the weather as beautiful as it has been we have been doing some spring cleaning as well as having friends over. A struggling glass company owned by the Jobling family is beginning to slip into bankruptcy.

Ovenware(this is one word, on yellow it was two words).In the regions of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East the PYREX (all upper case) brand is licensed by International Cookware for use on their borosilicate glass products.The brand name has also been used for non-glass kitchen utensils and cookware in various regions for several decades.The word PYREX is probably a purely arbitrary word which was devised in 1915 as a trade-mark for products manufactured and sold by Corning Glass Works.While some people have thought that it was made up from the Greek pyr and the Latin rex we have always taken the position that no graduate of Harvard would be guilty of such a classical hybrid.

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