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The auctions are reminiscent of one of the darkest chapters in human history, when millions of Africans were uprooted, enslaved, trafficked and auctioned to the highest bidder,” a statement from a group of UN human rights experts said.Many Libyan activists and non-governmental organisations have been trying to raise the alarm about the worsening situation in Libya for months.It is estimated hundreds of sub-Saharan Africans travelling to Libya in the hopes of getting on a boat across the Mediterranean to a better life in Europe are being sold by smugglers each week – either into lives of manual or sex slavery or ransomed to their families, passed between militia groups.The UN is trying to decide if crimes against humanity charges can be brought against perpetrators.

“In life there are always risks,” two well-dressed women in Niger told him when he tried to warn them.Also I'm a very romantic person, I always want to be close to my second half, I like to surprise and make small and pleasant surprises) I believe in true love, and I hope to meet her here!I'm looking for a reliable, faithful and loving person.Until life at home is attractive, and escaping poverty is possible, thousands more Africans will journey across the continent to Libya. Growing talk of certain mercenary solutions – such as Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s privatisation plans – do not bode well for a workable solution.Mr Prince told Italian newspaper that his company, Frontier Services Group, could stop, detain, house and “repatriate” hundreds of thousands of African migrants who are seeking a path to Europe through Libya.

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