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The woman who calls herself Viva Las Vegas (real name: Liv Osthus, 35) sits in her kimono at Mary's Club in downtown Portland.She talks about art and sociology, and about French philosopher Michel Foucault, particularly his theory that the most disdainful talk about sex can reveal intense obsessions.The release of the latest edition of Waldport social worker/writer Paul Joannides' "Guide to Getting It On," an elaborately illustrated manual first published in 1996.Featured in Oprah magazine, added to sex education syllabuses on college campuses and published in 13 languages, the new printing raised Joannides' sales past 700,000.But Eros Fest NW director Gabrielle Cordova says the vast majority of Oregon's sexual adventurers are after something more healthy, even profound."People are shaking off the shackles of puritanism," Cordova says."But the time I spent doing data entry for the city of Portland? The most intimate physical activity gets catapulted into full view, often with the participation of friends, acquaintances and complete strangers.

"And it happens every day." Keith Bickford, director of Multnomah County's Human Trafficking Task Force, says young women are being brought to Oregon from Seattle, Los Angeles and as far away as Guatemala.Subsequent majorities in the Oregon Supreme Court extended that to nude dancing and simulated sex acts.Which, according to Oregon State University historian Robert Nye, sounds like a clarion that draws iconoclasts, radicals and other freethinkers to the state.But what of the degradation that comes from having strangers ogling your body?"In 13 years of stripping I've never once felt degraded," she says.

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