Pocket planes flight crew not updating

The game will assign you a default flight crew name based on your game center ID.

You can keep this flight crew name and participate by yourself, or have others join your flight crew by using your same name in the flight crew portion of their games, or you can type in the name of a known flight crew to join up with them.

That's a question the most skilled scientists still can't find out the answer to.

Nimble But has just rereleased Pocket Frogs not long ago and I played it on my computer, it was SOOOOOOOO laggy and buggy, half the buttons didn't function. So, yes, Pocket Frogs may be older, but here's the thing.

In order to receive a prize for an event, you must complete at least five jobs for the event.The Flight Crew icon in the menu brings you into the multiplayer portion of the game.Your flight crew participates in worldwide events, competing together for prizes such as Bux and plane parts.Flight Crews use Game Center to tally your delivery totals.If you are playing Pocket Planes offline, you need to login to Game Center from the Pocket Planes app before the event ends for your deliveries to count.

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