Pics of dick sent thruogh chatmates

If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me?

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to Which girl do you think would give the best BJ? If you could have anyone here in the room to be your slave, who would it be and what would you make them do? (for girls) What is the fastest you have cum (for guys) Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? Would you eat out (blah blah blah) Would you suck (blah blah blah) What is your favourite thing about the opposite sex?

Pics of dick sent thruogh chatmates-69

Latin boy from Miami Zeb Atlas and Landon Conrad Alex Bach Barebacks Jayden Cook Matthieu Paris attention goes straight to Antonio...

Tell the group what turns u on Let a guy grab a girls boobs touch a guys dick bite someone on the neck eat a strawberry off someones tongue melt chocolate and have whoevers turn it is choose who they want to lick it off of but the other players choose where it goes.

lick someones tongue Have a guy lick a girls boob (doesn’t have to be a tit) Sit on a guys lap and make sexual noises Have a guy stimulate a girls tits vice versa Tie a girl to a chair u can do anything 2 her good or bad.

(for boys) unclasp a girls bra and push their chest into yours (girls) take your bra off but leave your shirt on Get a guy to go out into a public area and sit down on a bench next to some random person scratching their crotch and saying, “Damn these crabs really itch!

” If there is someone in the group wearing a tie pull them close using their tie an kiss them YOU HAVE TO BUY A GIRL A SEX TOY! Have a guy kiss a girls croth (over the pants) have a girl kiss a guys crotch (over the pants) Tell whoevers turn it is to leave the room for one minute and let the group decide who they want to have do something to the person being dared.

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