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If you apply OUTSIDE of Australia on the grounds of marriage then you need to either: The good news is that if you were already married in a country that wasn’t Australia, and the marriage is legally binding and valid in that country, then it is generally recognized as a valid marriage under Australian law.However, the exceptions are: These are marriages that are not permitted within Australia.As I said before, Australian Partner Visa process is a long and arduous one, which can take many months, sometimes years and is separated into a two-stage process, BUT you apply for both the temporary AND permanent Partner Visa at the same time using the form titled “Long name I know.Apparently, the Australian government isn’t very creative.If you already followed us on an FB, thank you and congratulations for being such a great companion!

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Again, failure to heed this will result In your application being denied.

That is you have to have been in a relationship with your partner for at least 12 months BEFORE you can lodge an application. Once you meet this criterion, then there are a few more factors that you must consider.

You must: When it comes to deciding upon a de facto relationship, the immigration department gets right up into your business.

If you manage to secure that temporary Partner Visa then you will have permission to travel to and from Australia until a decision is made on your permanent visa application.

You will also be able to finally work and study in Australia.

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