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You are not going to loose any thing out of it, if you don't tell your friends to no one is going to bully you. Met him during my Christmas vacation last year,everything went fast the last thing I know iam having a relationship with him.Just a week, you will follow daily horescope, not this site , try anyone which is handy. Virgo men are womanizers i've dated one for 3 years this year being our 3rd when we started off everything was fine, same as your experience talk bad things about me to his friends and family and come back to me as if nothing is, he cheated became very abusive even physically then he would cry and apologize and threaten to kill himself should i break up with him, the relationship was emotionally draining I'm still on the recovery process and iam happy to have finally left him. Love seems impossible for me right now but I feel chances for friendship (with other women) is unusally good so maybe try and focus on friendships? Supported him emotionally during his struggles with life,sometimes also financially.

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Not all gemini's have exact characteristics of Gemini profiles. If u wanna kill urself kill urself but let me tell u this life still goes on... There are plenty of other signs in the universe that will treat you with love, respect and kindness on a consistent level.

To something that will protect your life in the upcoming month from becoming worse, or even something that will make it better.

The world is restless and the Geminis are accordingly mobile. Impatience, self-deception, glibness, superficiality, inconstancy and indecisiveness, all exhibited to different degrees, all leave you in need of some advice.

They're hypercritical about others but extremely sensitive about what others say to them.

Being a Gemini this is similar to gemini's, sometimes you want your mate to agree with you and move on, they may not want to. It never gets to the point of moving on, and can be frustrating.

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