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But before you shell out all that filthy lucre for a bright, shiny new X.509 (SSL) certificate or the even more expensive EV SSL (X.509) certificate you might want to know what they do and how they do it.And if your eyes glaze over when people start talking about SSL, security and certificates - start glazing now. The RFC hyperlinks in the page below link to a plain text version which was copied to our site when the RFC was issued.Such is the pervasive power of the name SSL that in most cases what is called SSL is most likely using TLS - for instance Open SSL supports both SSL (v3) and TLS (TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2) protocols.

TLS/SSL runs on top of TCP but below the end user protocol that it secures such as HTTP or IMAP as shown in Figure 1. TLS/SSL does not have a well-known port number - instead when used with a higher layer protocol, such as HTTP, that protocol designates a secure variant, HTTPS in the case of HTTP, which does have a well-known (or default) port number.Note: SSLv2 was banned by RFC 6176 which contains a dire list of its shortcomings.SSLv3 has now joined its older brother in being banished by RFC 7568 from all decent company.Currently published RFCs are pointed to https:// XXXX which contains various information and links to the text (normative) reference and a PDF (non-normative) version. The major use of SSL (X.509) certificates is in conjunction with the TLS/SSL protocol.The RFC may also be viewed at XXXX/ which also contains various RFC status information (including errata) together with a list of alternative formats, such as, text, PDF and HTML (this is the working area version of the document). We update the page from time-to-time when we can think of nothing better to do with our lives and now keep a change log in case you ever happen to read it twice. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a Netscape protocol originally created in 1992 to exchange information securely between a web server and a browser where the underlying network was insecure.

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