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Match Affinity is a dating site run by online dating, the UK's largest online dating website.Match Affinity provides a service based on a unique psychometric test designed to bring together its members who share a common purpose: building a strong and lasting relationship.We believe that to have the best chance of developing a successful relationship, it is important to start by taking a little time to consider your own character traits and personality, as well as thinking about the type of person you'd like to meet.Our unique affinity test is designed to help you do just that.Christian & Michaela: «Thank you for your amazing dating service — we are now engaged and planning our wedding for next year! We hope everyone on here has the same faith and luck in finding a soulmate as we did.

Match Affinity offers a different approach to finding a relationship online, which is to try to understand your personality and preferences and to match you with people who they feel are compatible.

You can subscribe using credit or debit card online or over the phone By cheque Remember if you subscribe by credit or debit card you will be automatically credited after your subscription runs out if you do not cancel.

Here’s the latest Match Affinity prices for 2013 – the most expensive online dating site we’ve ever reviewed!

It is of particular interest to people looking for serious long term relationships and possibly in the 30 - 50 age group, although there are members of all age groups.

We particularly liked the security features and the extensive dating advice offered.

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