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By having the narrators speak in an American idiom, readers can connect with them, even identify with them.

This is important because Kelly’s book, while containing fictional details, is about very real people, real historical events, and terrible crimes.

After the war, she expressed no remorse and served only one year of her 20-year sentence in prison before resuming her medical practice.

A former copywriter for an ad agency, Martha Hall Kelly couldn’t have chosen a more difficult subject for a debut novel. She once lived three-hours away from the Ferriday family estate, “The Hay,” and went to visit it, primarily because of her interest in lilacs.

It’s an interesting approach but confusing at first because they all seem to speak in the same, decidedly American, voice.

Still, the story is so gripping that I continued; eventually the three voices not only became distinct but the justification for writing this way became apparent.

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Herta Oberheuser, an ambitious surgeon totally committed to Nazi ideology and German war aims, performed hideous experiments on healthy young Polish women.

She volunteered for Ravensbrück to further her career, convincing herself that her work was essential for Germany’s interests.

She is ultimately arrested, together with her sister, a doctor, and her mother.

Unlike Ferriday, Kuzmerick is a fictional character, a composite based on actual Ravensbrück prisoners, some of whom the author met during a research trip to Poland.

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