Nuvi 360 updating bluetooth firmware

Last month, I updated the bluetooth software via Webupdate, and it shows the version # as 0.0. i have blackberry and it was working fine, when I was getting updates for my c580, one of them was for blurtooth, I installed it and now it constantly disconnects from the phone, and I don't kow what to do I have noticed that through my nuvi the sound is clear even if my phone is 20 feet away from my unit.but when i use my bluetooth headset, if my phone is more then 2 feet away all i get is static. I have since talked with Garmin and they sent me two new files one for 2.8 and one for 2.4. The first file they sent me was indeed just another 3.0 file?????Garmin sent me a file that was suppose to take me back to an earlier BT version. I was having trouble with my nuvi 360 and the bluetooth was disconnecting me. all i did was delete the phone from the gps and then the gps from the phone.But after installing the BT remains the same (3.0). then i just reconnected it and it seems to be working alright for me.The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones). Last week I loaded in the software update from Garmin. It will still recognize my Blackberry Curve but drops it in about 15 seconds.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

But more importantly to this segment here, it’s a fully functional GPS sport watch containing every single feature of the FR920XT and just announced Fenix3 watches.I downgraded back to that version and it did not correct the issue.Perhaps there is firmware that is not completely overwritable with he updates. Also, the disconnect issue for me has not appeared since the update! I updated the BT firmware to v3.10 Release notes says it fixes the random auto disconnect experience...I did get this experience all the time, but they did not correct the garbage characters I get in caller ID. Is the Samsung A900 the phone you are connecting to the 360?

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