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Every member of the University Community is expected to uphold this Policy as a matter of mutual respect and fundamental fairness in human relations.

Every student of this institution has a responsibility to conduct himself/herself in accordance with this Policy as a condition of enrollment, and every University employee has an obligation to observe University policies as a term of employment.

When a complainant or alleged victim requests that his or her identity be withheld or the allegation(s) not be investigated, the University will consider, through the EOO Director/Title IX Coordinator, whether this request can be honored while still providing a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for the University.

Honoring the request may limit the University’s ability to respond fully to the incident and may limit the University’s ability to discipline the respondent.

Is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive to: a.interfere with one’s work or educational performance; b.create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or learning environment; or c.interfere with or limiting one’s ability to participate in or benefit from an institutional program or activity.

Sexual harassment includes forced or coerced sex or relationships, including where a person is incapable of giving consent due to use of drugs or alcohol, or due to disability or being under the age of 16.

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The University of Georgia will continue in its efforts to maintain an institutional environment free of such bias and restates its policy prohibiting the interference of such bias.

The complainant or alleged victim will be informed of any decision to act contrary to the request for confidentiality or no investigation before any disclosures are made and before an investigation begins.

In support of an individual’s request for confidentiality and the University’s interest in learning about incidents of discrimination and harassment, the University designates two levels of confidential resources: 1.

Nothing in this Policy prevents a University Community member from filing a complaint with a state or federal agency or court. Members of the University Community are any persons employed by or affiliated with the University in any way and persons participating in any University program or activity, including, but not limited to: (1)University faculty, staff, administrators, employees, and independent contractors; (2)University students; (3)Volunteers and participants in any University program or activity; and (4)Guests and visitors to campus, to any property owned or leased by the University, or to any property owned or leased by any University-affiliated organization or group.

Sexual Harassment is defined as: Unwelcome verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct, based on sex or gender stereotypes, that: 1.

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