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Arthritis (osteoarthritis) is the most commonly diagnosed joint disease in dogs.Arthritis usually is a progressive degeneration of what are known as synovial joints, which are joints with a capsule filled with synovial fluid which surrounds the bones' surfaces.The overall average of all dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis was 2.5%.

"The way that Jewish high priests blessed the people is what most would recognize as the Vulcan or 'Spock' gesture," Futterman, said, referring to a flat-handed position made famous by Leonard Nimoy in "Star Trek," in which the pointer and ring fingers are separated into a V shape.The degeneration leads to impaired function and pain.Arthritis is a multifactorial disease, primarily genetic but often exacerbated by the dog's diet and exercise levels.See also these studies of adrenocortical insufficiency, which included cavaliers.Aortic thromboembolism (femoral artery occlusion) is a condition which results from a blood clot dislodging within the aorta, leading to the interruption of blood flow to tissues served by that portion of the aorta, which include the legs, kidneys, intestines, and brain.

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