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As you will see later, Navy seamen typically wore a visorless cap called (in Russian) "beskozirka." However, if that seaman re-enlisted in the Navy after his conscript service was completed and achieved the rank of Michman, Chief Petty Officer (Glavny Starshina) or Petty Officer (Starshina) 1st or 2nd class - he was authorized to wear a visor cap.

In the case of the Michman - an officer's cap, and in the case of a CPO - the cap and special emblem shown here.

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As with other naval visor caps of this period, this cap would have stood double duty as part of both winter service and parade uniforms.

Petty Officer 1st/2nd Class Winter Service/Parade 1954-1968 This seldom seen combination of a naval visor cap adorned with the simple red star more commonly seen on the visorless "beskozirka" was in fact authorized for wear by Petty Officers (Starshina) 1st & 2nd class and the equivalent Navy Sergeants and Junior Sergeants who had re-enlisted following their conscript service.

Due to the large number of caps to be described, I have broken down this section into two pages - this one in which I describe officer and petty officer visor caps - and one titled "Beskokirka" in which I discuss the visorless caps worn by Soviet sailors and cadets.

Although the color palette of the Soviet Navy was limited, it did have the widest range of uniform types of any service.

In addition to categorizing uniforms into summer and winter versions of Parade/Parade-Walking Out, Service (for everyday), Work (sailors only) and Field (Naval Infantry only); the Navy subdivided the first two into numbered variations.

For example, a shipborne senior NCO would be called "Chief Petty Officer ("Glavny Starshina") while the same rank in the Naval Infantry or in Naval Aviation would be called a Senior Sergeant.

Same for officers: Captains 1st Rank and Colonels (Polkovnik) were the same rank.

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