Miss librarian sex chat

Narrow, wire framed glasses sit on her elegant nose. Behind the lenses, her eyes are wide and lake blue. "She wouldn't look entirely out of place as a spinster schoolmarm in a Western," I think. She doesn't smile, her lips and face show little emotion.

Below the hem her calves, nicely shaped and firm, are covered with smoke coloured hosiery. Raven coloured hair is done up in a rather severe and large bun. The buttoned collar and small amount of a white blouse peek above the lapels of her jacket. I don't look like the type of person who would be reading a book. Although kept well trimmed, my beard is full and as grey as all my other hair. I'm wearing a black leather jacket that's open to reveal the white T-shirt underneath. Her back to me so I have plenty of time to examine her. I can see the material of her jacket tighten as she draws a sudden breath. I'm not fond of people I don't know poking into my business. Her gaze lowers from mine and she looks at her hands as she brings them up, wrings them together. You're quite right." I smile and reply, "Not a problem." My quick anger has passed, partly because of her prompt apology. She's dressed in a dark grey ensemble, a jacket with square shoulders and a knee length skirt. Her eyes blink and a faint blush come to her cheeks. " Her voice is subdued, with a hint of curiousity in it. And partly because of the hints of her personality that her ready atonement and body language give me. Her expression is that blank that she first showed me, but I notice the colour hasn't entirely faded from her face. Stepping from behind the counter, she leads me into the fiction section of the library. In spite of the distinctly unflattering clothes she wears, her cheeks roll as she walks. I imagine what it would be like, my hands around those lovely muscles, pulling her onto my cock. While she does that, I pull my idea notebook from a jacket pocket. "A lot of my work is available on a website," I tell her. The spinster returns as her features return to their standard prissy expression. We arrive at the checkout counter and she begins the process of signing the book out. As I stop I notice she's wearing the seamed stockings again, and heels this time. I announce my presence with, "Good evening, Corrine." She turns towards me with a jerk. There is a quick flash of light, almost too quick to be noticed. "I also need another one." Corrine picks up the book and takes it to the returned cart.

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