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There are others out there, and we’ll add their profiles as their info is brought to our attention. Wing girl & female assistant coach of the ABC’s Of Attraction company. She also does individual wing-girl outings, and gives fashion critiques.

If you’ve learned anything from this Community, you’d that know men and women have different psychologies. Shares her research and explorations through workshops, college lectures, and media products. As she says, “Not only am I any old woman”, she’s THE old woman you need to be listening to.

Whether your long-term goal is to get married and start a family or to set sail around the world in a sailboat built for two, you start in the same place: on a first date.

And so we men should hold them to that simple minimum standard, don’t you agree? Because if they’re gonna give you the same misleading crap that you’ve gotten from other girls, why bother paying them for it?!? HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN: Master The Art of Conversation. If you really wanna be a PUA, go take a PUA bootcamp from a guy.

So here are some key elements to look for: But if there’s one cardinal rule you should follow, if no other…NEVER try to pickup or entice your female coaches! As with most all female gurus, her best advice involves the sex and intimacy topics. However, sometimes she’ll make “absolute” statements about how to think about women that are not 100% true.

: Male gurus are your best bet in making you into a PUA, giving practical, tested methods that work……Female gurus are best used as supplements either before or after a bootcamp, because while they offer idiosyncratic knowledge known only to them, it doesn’t turn you into a PUA. There is a lot of concepts in pickup that she totally misses, yet if you only use her services, you’ll fall into the trap of thinking all her teachings are THE end, solve all, things.

That’s because, coming from outside the PUA Community, they’re missing the fine the PUA Community are skilled in PUA. Sometimes the advice, altho true, is biased and/or one-sided, and isn’t 3-dimensional, yet she makes you think that what she presents is the absolute whole deal.(Independent now), Dr Victoria; Penthouse Magazine and column “Vices and Vanities”; (relationships); Courtship (love, sex, and dating); “The Sex Connection” (radio show); Comcast’s “Dating On” (various instructional videos).

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