Men find me intimidating

"Which is one thing when you're 27, [and] I imagine is a completely different thing when you're 19."So far, it has cost Jane and her family nearly ,000 to defend herself.

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In September, a judge dismissed most of the claims against Jane but allowed the suit to continue based on the allegation that Jane had defamed John by sending texts to a close friend saying he had raped her.Since last year, though, Dunn estimates five students have called asking for her help.Until a couple of years ago, Schneider had only seen one student who reported a sexual assault to their college get sued for defamation.Eleven months earlier, in January 2016, the woman known as Jane Doe in court papers had told the school that her then-husband, identified as John Doe, had raped her on Dec.17, 2015, while they both were students at Washington University. Within a few months, the university found John, a law student at the time of the reported rape, in violation of campus sexual assault policies.

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