Mcafee 8 0 not updating

It does, however run on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) 64-bit, so IT staff can take advantage of its advances. The update isn't as snappy as updating Firefox or Chrome, taking several minutes, and on some systems a reboot, since it's actually a Windows update.

If you're still running a 10-year old OS, consider this: Would you still use a 10-year-old cell phone? And note that means that you can't try it out alongside IE9--you've got to commit.

This is as it should be—adhering to the Snap feature in Windows 7—but other browsers don't do this.

The tab with the focus is brighter, making it stand out.

Controls are kept to a single row with the address and search boxes combined into one.

This box can seem too small, but luckily you can drag its edge with the mouse to enlarge it.

The company has actually launched a disparaging ad campaign admitting its past offences and urging users to give it another try.

Externally, upgraders may not notice any difference at all between IE9 and IE10 for Windows 7, but rest assured: a whole lot of improvements appear under the hood.

Internet Explorer has long been a whipping boy among browsers.

The browser even can do a couple cool tricks with dragging tabs to a new window: If you do so while playing a video, the video continues to play as you drag it.

Also, when you drag to the left or right edge of the screen in Windows 7, the new browser window created fills exactly half of the screen.

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