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This is not a coincidence but a part of a concerted push to roll back workers rights across the continent and across the world.What happens with workers in one place affects workers globally. We want to put an end to this attack on the right to strike.The author of the report was overheard on the metro in Stockholm saying that the Dockworkers in Gothenburg “just wanted to cause trouble” and the minister of finance, Ylva Johansson, has already said that the right to strike should be limited. We are not happy with the situation as it is but this attack will not just harm workers ability to struggle in Sweden but be a part of neoliberal attacks on the working class in Europe and the world.They can try to limit our power in the workplace, but we will show them that we can bring the strike to the streets.It is used as a tool for precarious workers and radicals wanting to push for change and workplace militancy and has been a staple of the radical left in Sweden since it was founded in 1908.It politically opposes collective bargaining agreements since these in Sweden always include the clause that the employer has the right to lead and distribute work as the employer sees fit, a clause that is the cornerstone of class compromise in the country and fully embraced by LO.

The Swedish Dockworkers Union is on the other hand a majority union in Gothenburg harbor with 80% of all workers there belonging to them."We believed revolution was just 'round the corner And we were the vanguard to bring it about!And the other Left parties, we classed as class traitors.As part of the Reddit redesign, the site is incorporating built-in chat rooms. For now, mods have to manually approve each user - if you want to try it out, just post in this thread saying so.As long you have a history on the sub, you'll be approved.

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