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To believe their message is to fellowship with them and with God.We are part of that continuing community, and we still believe in historicity of the humanity of Christ.“That which was from the beginning” refers to His eternality, and echoes the start of John’s Gospel: “In the beginning was the Word” (1:1).The next items on John’s list are apostolic credentials, or evidence for the truthfulness of their testimony about Jesus.Similarly, John awakens our senses and nudges our curiosity in the opening lines of his letter.He emphasizes his eyewitness testimony: he has heard, seen, and even touched the Word of Life “from the beginning” of Jesus' earthly ministry (v. We reflect on another “beginning” when God spoke and it was; His word brought forth life; it was the word of life (Gen. It is shocking to hear that this eternal Word of Life has appeared (v.

Toward the end of his life, the apostle John wrote a series of letters (1, 2, and 3 John) that similarly encouraged believers to remain faithful.2); “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John ).Notice John mentions “seen,” “looked at,” and “appeared” five times in the first two verses.He is astonished that the Life is no longer simply a word to be heard, but now someone to be seen.Jesus Himself is the “Word of life” about which John writes.

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    6, 2015) Japanese Video of 2011 Seismic Activity Reveals Active Role of Satellite Earthquake Machines Following 3/11 by ZS Livingstone (May 4, 2013) Index of radio interviews (w/transcripts) of Ken, ZSL, & Don discussing radiation hysteria & deception surrounding the 3/11 attack on Japan Contact Your Senator and Congressman TODAY to Stop Bill Allowing "5G" Transmitters on Every Street Pole in America WITHOUT Oversight or Restrictions by Local Government: Deadline For FCC Coimment is March 8, 2017 Microwave Radiation from Wifi, Smart Meters, Smart Phones, etc.