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Whether it's the cammies worn during training and combat or the famed dress blues for which Marines are known, our uniforms have a purpose and meaning sewn into them.Both uniforms are a reminder of who we defend as well as pay homage to those Marines who fought before them.formerly Professor at the Dutch Colonial Institute, Delft, afterwards at the University of Leiden. For several years back he continually contributed any writing which came under his observation as a journalist, and which appeared to bear on the subject of my study. But for his death (on 4th July, 1919) this book would have been dedicated to him in grateful recognition of his services to science and of his personal and stimulating interest in my geographical and geological work and in the historical questions which I had under investigation.For permission to quote from the English translation of his exhaustive work on The Part borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia, 1606-1765, and to his publishers, "The Late E. Brill Company, Limited," Leiden, for their consent. For geographical and ethnological notes; for notes on explorations by the missionaries, and especially for assisting in the identification of what I believe to be "Coen Revier" of the "Pera" and "Aernem" Expedition. His extensive knowledge of the North of Queensland and his wide reading enabled him to amass knowledge most useful to me. For information regarding recent developments in North Queensland. He wrote me on 29th December, 1916: "I am glad to learn that you have on the stocks a work of the kind you mention.

Shows Land Routes of Leichhardt, 1845; Gregory, 1856; Burke and Wills, 1861; Walker, 1861; Landsborough, 1862; Mc Kinlay, 1862; Macdonald, 1864; Jack, 1881; Wrigley (Aeroplane), 1919; Ross-Smith (Aeroplane), 1919., Brisbane.

Queensland 4-mile Map, Sheet 19A, with Additions from Admiralty Charts.

Shows Sea Routes of "Pera" And "Aernem", 1623; "Limmen" (Tasman), 1644; "Investigator" (Flinders), 1802; "Beagle" (Stokes) and her Boats, 1841: and Land Routes of Leichhardt, 1845; Gregory, 1856; Burke and Wills, 1861; Walker, 1861; Landsborough, 1862; Mc Kinlay, 1862; Macdonald, 1864.

Part of Queensland 4-mile Map, Sheet 20D, with Additions from Admiralty Chart.

Shows Sea Routes of "Duyfken", 1606; "Pera" and "Aernem", 1623; "Limmen" (Tasman), 1644; "Buijs", 1756; "Rijder", 1756; "Investigator" (Flinders), 1802: and Land Routes of F. Jardine, 1864-5; Embley, 1884-95; Hey, 1892-1919; Meston, 1896; Jackson, 1902.

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