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I have tried to find some kind of explanation as to why I’m experiencing this, but haven’t got any answer so far. It has rarely happened outside of meditation but today it was strong while reading…. I know there are a few people and situations that I have held on to and it’s time to forgive them and let go so that I can move on with my spiritual journey. 🙂 I found It today.ever I pray or think about praying I get chills- EVERY TIME. I AM PETRIFIED of doing anything that offends GOD.. I get frequent spiritual visitors mostly at night and at one time was taking medicine to sleep so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

ALSO, when I AM thinking about something I get chills when I get the correct answer.. 🙁 I know I AM supposed to use them I just haven’t figured out how to use and develop them and not offend GOD. Reply Hello i have had these chills my whole life and a high pitch ring in my ears.

I can give you details later if you wish but for now let’s say that I don’t reach you by accident or chance! For many years while meditating I would always feel a gentle breeze caress my face, but no chills Now, since June of last year I’ve been experiencing a beautiful and very visible Angelic Light in my apartment.

This is what happened to me: I got an “assignment” or “Mission” as I call it. I was “requested” to take a friend(a woman) from the darkness into which she was trying to drag me. I saw the amazing strength of the evil forces but also learned that they’re nothing compared to those of the Light, The Higher Spirit, or simply God. This past weekend while standing in front of my altar with the Angel Light in back of me I got serious chills all over; it was rather strong.

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Afterwards I knew something was with me, i felt it hovering and my goosebumps continued.I wanted to talk to him so much and tell him that a quote in his presentation was so touching!Then a few days later was thinking to myself that I should tell people my thoughts because i might not get the chance again, just to, days later, find out he’s been killed!I sometimes also have sleep paralizing feelings but when i close my eyes and pray i can slowly feel the chills energize my body and i can suddenly move again.I hope that u could shed some knowledge on this as i have no clue how to hear spiritually its only happened once and for a split second i heard a voice say, “LOOK UP”.

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