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some cheerleader or other making Hailey's life a nightmare. No longer horny, I told myself I had no intention of ever going back online. " I asked, thinking it couldn't be as strange as mine. For Hailey I suggested sheer pantyhose as they were soft, sexy and showcased her legs... I didn't even own anything you could call underwear. "She and the other cheerleaders were super nice." "Maybe they finally saw the real you." "Maybe," she shrugged, clearly not convinced. We had dinner, talked about the debate tournament she was competing in in a couple of weeks and chatted about different colleges and which ones she was leaning towards for next fall. Academically she was assured of a very bright future. Suddenly, the strange and surreal chat session with a stranger from Canada intrigued me. Tears streamed down her face as she blabbered, "The cheerleaders were picking on me again. That night, I asked my daughter, "So how was your day? It was weird that in a few months I would be utterly alone. Suddenly it was something that I could hold on to once Hailey was gone. Summary: A lonely MILF discovers her surprising lesbian side online.

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"Hailey, you know those insults they toss at you are nothing but jealousy. "Yes, I was picked on because my chest developed so early," I said, recalling the girls calling me a slut because I had a huge chest.

They're enjoying their brief time at the top of the food chain, but at the ten year reunion they'll all be fat and married to losers." "There is no way I'm going to a reunion," Hailey said.

"Oh, you may change your mind when you become a successful lawyer, with a hot husband and adorably cute kids," I joked, even though I knew she hadn't yet decided to follow in my footsteps and study law. Get up, work out, shower, make breakfast, chat briefly with Hailey, go to work, come home, make supper, chat with Hailey a bit more, watch some television, read a book, do any work that needed to be done for upcoming cases and go to bed.

"Well, I'm sure she will consider it," I said, before turning to my daughter and asking, "Are you ready to go? Worried that this conversation was happening at work, as well as with someone I didn't know, I knew I needed to put an end to it.

" Hailey just nodded and I turned and walked away even as Megan called out, her tone strange, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Heather." I flinched at the unwelcome familiarity of using my first name, but decided not to make a scene. You live your life for other people, never for yourself.

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