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In short, Marquis-Boire was supposed to be one of the good guys. Dana, a close friend of both Marquis-Boire and Lila, ran in the same San Francisco social circles.She was never in a relationship with Marquis-Boire, but they were very good friends, and his emotional support had become “a precious lifeline” to Dana.Some of the victims buried their memories and tried to put the past behind them.

He made casual, light-hearted jokes about misandry on Twitter.In 2015, after the relationship had ended, Lila told Dana for the first time about what had happened in the Toronto hotel room.In response, Dana recounted in broad strokes what Ann-King had told her via Facebook Messenger, but it was somewhat vague.Marquis-Boire was a prolific speaker at security and human rights conferences, including the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2016.He sometimes used his considerable public platform to talk about the larger social problem of violence against women, and even stated that it motivated his recent work at Citizen Lab researching “stalkerware” or “spouseware” — spyware deployed against abused partners by their abusers.

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