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Lizanne and other family members continued to vacation here, but it was never the same. But even to this day, the Kellys and their glamorous Princess Grace remain as iconic figures in Ocean City history.

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But even after marrying Prince Rainier III in 1956, Kelly continued to visit OC, which she considered her second home.

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Becoming a princess did not diminish Grace’s love of Ocean City. The Kellys hosted a family reunion and party each Labor Day, which Grace and her growing family attended most years.Thus Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie became Ocean City kids in summer months, frolicking on the beach and strolling the boards at night.The Labor Day bash included a barbecue cook-off, during which guests brought their own food to grill in a fun competition.At her peak popularity, Mc Granahan said “the celebrity culture was much more subdued than it is today.” Not that there weren’t moments. But he was famously banned from the famed Henley Regatta in England because he worked as a bricklayer and was deemed to be “not a gentleman.” Kelly gained the ultimate revenge by building the dominant brick business in Philadelphia and helping construct many of Philly’s most recognizable buildings, including Wanamakers’ department store.He told of an incident at the time of Grace Kelly’s first pregnancy when a crowd of spectators and media were staking out 36 street for a glimpse of the Prince, the Princess and her royal “baby bump.” Other times, what Bob Harbaugh termed “Grace’s Hollywood friends” would visit, including a New Jersey native by the name of Frank Sinatra. A longtime renter for his OC vacations, the newly-wealthy Kelly purchased a beachfront lot at 26 and Wesley.

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