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The shop stocks labels such as Equipment, DVF and Dorothee Schumacher – brands that are on the right side of trendy.Though there is the odd sequined miniskirt, the aim is that the pieces will suit everyone, be they 17 or 70.(Although the firm carries her name, it was set up by her father Michael Burke, who is a vet, in the 1980s; she joined him 15 years ago.) More recently, Chanelle has also, for a little ‘fun, fun, fun’, opened a boutique, Mojo & Mc Coy, in nearby Hungerford with several friends, including Laura Lopes – daughter of the Duchess of Cornwall – and Emily Hambro, a member of the banking dynasty.'I go into the office and people are asking my opinion, we are achieving targets and creating jobs, and if AP and I happen to have had a massive argument that morning, I am not sitting at home feeling crushed.I’m, like, “He’s so irrelevant.”’ She waves her arm nonchalantly and lets out a warm, infectious laugh.In fact, fatherhood had little impact on his relentless schedule until 18 months ago, when he and Chanelle were confronted with a crisis revolving around their son Archie, who at six months old was found to have a heart defect that required urgent surgery.'Then, while we waited for it all to be over, we went to a nearby church and lit candles and talked – just the two of us.

The film, which has already shown at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, examines some of the extraordinary risks he took every day of his working life – he has fallen at galloping speeds more than 700 times and broken virtually every bone in his body – and offers a unique insight into the mind of a driven man.That said, next up this month is an e-commerce site that will enable anyone to buy from the store.While this will be great for business, it doesn’t seem as though they need it: a constant stream of friends and contacts has kept the store busier than they could have imagined.Behind the glamour of the Grand National and Ascot, life with legendary jockey Tony ‘AP’ Mc Coy hasn’t been without hurdles.His wife Chanelle talks to Catherine O’Brien about infertility, injuries, her own flourishing businesses – and why he needs her more than she needs him Seconds after I cross the threshold, Chanelle is leading me through the photographic gallery that captures some of her husband’s finest career moments – the Cheltenham Gold Cup wins, his Grand National triumph, the presentation of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

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