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If you want to forgot about school and homework or even boyfriends or girlfriends then this place if for you.Jump right in start chatting and introduce yourself and make friends fast.Multiple teen chat tooms with unlimited webcams and video chat connections.We are continually upgrading and making sure that our chats and webcams are the fastest and best.Our new chat will have webcams in the very near future.

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Note: Overage and underage users are strictly prohibited and you will be banned and/or reported to the authorities.Attention Parents and Guardians: If you have not trained your children to be vigilant about the dangers of the Internet, you need to start now. You understand that chat moderators are staffed but cannot be on at every minute of the day.If you are looking for the old chat version, we are sorry that is has been disabled.This is my first time on these chat rooms and I already love this site! Its perfect to just vent about something, because someone is always there to listen, and a bunch of cool guys are on here too!!! I remember when i first went on it about 4 years ago. My life is much less dull thanks to Teen Chat : DI've been coming on these chat rooms for a few months now, and I LOVE IT!!!

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