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While their team arrived and started to search for them, the two were rescued by Nabel.

However, it was revealed that he was responsible for having the Athosians kidnapped, after he struck down Teyla and demanded that they give him Atlantis' address at gunpoint.

The next day, the three were forced to flee when Bola Kai discovered them.However, in the process, she and Teyla were caught and was brought to be interrogated.Keller managed to give them a fake address which will not lead them to Atlantis, since they believed that the Bola Kai were Wraith worshippers and had the Athosians kidnapped.Eventually, her memories became lax enough to be taken the mess hall, where those who had also succumbed to the effects of the fever were taken, by Major Evan Lorne and his team, who became paranoid from the medication to slow down the fever's effects. Rodney Mc Kay was also taken to the mess hall without his memories, he proposed an escape attempt.The attempt succeeded, but as she was helping him, she got stunned by Lorne's team.

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