Jennifer lopez dating bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper graduated at the age of 18 in 1993 and attended the famous Germantown Academy in Philadelphia.

During his time at the school, Cooper was also involved in plenty of extracurricular activities and in particular he is known for being involved with the newspaper Philadelphia Evening News as a student.

In 1993, Bradley Cooper enrolled at Vilanova University to complete his Bachelors but later on, he switched to Georgetown University where he completed it there with honors in English.

It was during his time at Georgetown University that he started taking acting seriously and became a part of a theater group.

Cooper and Wilde spent a lot of time together following his breakup with Zellweger and her divorce from her husband.

One report says that they “were definitely hooking up” while another days they were “not dating.” Choose your own adventure here.

Born on January 5th, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Gloria and Charlie Cooper. His mother, Gloria worked for the local NBC affiliate.

They were in a relationship on 2011 after he broke up with Renée Zellweger . He has started to date Russian Model Irina Shayk from April 2015.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper, in March 2017.

Again in 2009, he was in a relationship with Renée Zellweger which broke on 2011.

Bradley has also been in a relationship with Zoe Saldana. Their relationship started on 2013 which broke up on 2015.

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