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page=1 I am still fairly new when it comes to threads.Can you explain how to implement what those resources are saying?

There are various solutions for submitting code to the EDT and performing lengthy tasks without blocking the loop.

You see, this takes time (user responds in matter of seconds) and you need a responsive GUI (the messages are still pumped in EDT) during all this time while EDT is blocking (it does not handle newer, e.g.

JFile Chooser, messages in the queue before the dialog is closed and current component action is finished).

Swing Worker is normally created for a lengthy tasks by EDT while handling callback (Listener) events.

Spawning a worker thread, EDT proceeds handling current message without waiting the worker to complete. Often, your EDT handles a GUI component action, which demands the user to make a choice by means of another dialog, like JFile Chooser, which pops up, stays responsive while user picks its option and action proceeds with selected file only after "OK" button is pressed.

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