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Between the censuses in 19 the population more than doubled from 5,106 to 12,056.There is a town hall which is located close to the centre of the town and the previous town hall – Chapel Place is still in existence and located in the centre of the town close to the Ivy Bridge.

Schiefsky, who was in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting, said he was surprised by how high the median grade was.“I don’t know what should be done about it, but it seems to me troubling,” Schiefsky said.The issue of grade inflation has taken center stage at some of Harvard’s peer institutions as well.In 2004, Princeton substantially restructured its grading system, instructing professors to award grades in the A-range to no more than 35 percent of their students in undergraduate coursework and no more than 55 percent of students in junior and senior year independent study.In the 16th century mills were built using the River Erme's power. Ivybridge became a civil parish in 1894 and a town in 1977.The early urbanisation and development of Ivybridge largely coincided with the Industrial Revolution.

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