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My paternal grandmother had phelbotomys but never really understood why, and was never geneticly tested. Through testing I was told I have iron deposits in my liver. I was going for weekly phelbotomy's for quite sometime.

I am very interested in anyway I can to help educate the public.,as well as the medial profession. Also I am looking at any support goups/information/conferences related to hemochromatosis. My mothers side of the family are Native American and from Oklahoma. Since bringing my ferrtin below 50- I have experienced less fatigue as well as less joint pain, My shortness of breath has also improved.

My liver enzymes were high for 6-7 years, but doctors said it was from having a fatty liver.

After having joint pain , primary ordered iron test and ferritin was around 900.

What side effects did you have with high iron levels?

Did you have other issues such as blood disorder or disease? Thu, March 3, 2011 @ PM Rhonda, Normal for post menopausal women is 10-310.

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