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I will live past this, but it will be very hard and difficult for a long time, because I sent money to him instead of paying my regular bills.I also took out 2 loans for that idiot, believing that he was buying plane tickets and could not be renewed when he tried to use them.His name was Scott Mc Kay and was to be born in Merret, Georgia.His e mail address was [email protected], work address was [email protected] daughter's e mail address [email protected] sister's e mail [email protected] probably all went to the same person.The final straw was that he collasped and had to have emergency surgery and the hospital in London was demanding payment for the surgery.

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Honey, I will come to spend time with you and you and have lots of fun too.

He e mailed me copies of the boarding passes and pictures of him doing different things, one at a beach with scuba equipment and one in a church playing the saxaphone.

He was a very nice looking man, making it even easier to believe what he was saying to me.

It ended after me losing lots of money, I am ashamed to say how much.

I just can not believe that I fell for it, after all of the stories I have heard from shows on tv about this.

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