Im dating my ex wife

Reply My hubby left me 2 months ago and man it has been tough, being in a 5 and half years marriage. It was a bad move which I regret from this day but he was okay after being seen by the emergency room. So it's been 2 months no contact, only known he's staying with his mate and chances of reconciliation is out of the window. Reply I feel for each and everyone who is devastated by divorce.

I went to my mother's home that night and found my hubby left with all his stuff. He just a divorce piece of paper signed in Islamic marriage. My second wife divorced me in 1987 and has been remarried for twenty something years while I am still single.

She, who got rid of me, needs to justify it by painting me as a no good husband who only made her miserable. You would have such self-respect and feel great if you just ignore her advances. I feel no good anymore, broken and desperately lonely. In the beginning of a relationship they seem as googly eyed as anyone else, but they are secretly guarded. I was no saint, but I was always faithful and I never would have left her for the reasons she left me, and still don't quite believe her.

She keeps telling the kids, "We are all going to be happier now", but I keep thinking that only she is. Be very kind and friendly, but distant-like an acquaintence/business associate. I am somewhat older than she and had just retired, only to have my life turned upside down and inside out. I have had to learn the hard way (several times) that you "never go full retard". But, as you so aptly stated, some people just have the ability to flip that switch and be done.

Please do not cheat yourselves out of this because of divorce.

Three people have to become unhappy for her to gain her happiness. Reply They say the first/biggest step in not repeating bad behavior is recognizing it. Do you really deserve having someone play games with your heart like that? Reply "There are 6 billion people on this planet" - I've heard that before - however, half are male, millions are too old or too young, millions are not attractive, and I am in the middle of a West Texas town with very few women. That "switch" is merely the ability to not go full retard. There is a strength in independence that I never knew before.

Reply My "ex" wife plays me monthly knowing i want her acts they way she acted when we first met.pulls me in then makes up with her boyfriend and throws me away. Yes, with so many people on the planet there are certainly women who I would be thrilled to be with, but they are not available to me geographically. I was raised to believe that I wasn't complete without the love of a woman.

She keeps telling me how I put her through ten torturous years of marriage, and how me finally moving out was the best day of her life, and how she is so much happier now. I suspected that she had (or still has) an emotional affair. She remarried recently and I can't seem to move on. Either way, I can shake this feeling of blame, even though we're approaching the 4th year of being split up, and with her being remarried, etc.

She can't seem to remember a single positive thing about our marriage. Like the guys in this post I was always faithful, supportive, dont do drink or drugs, love our teenage son, took care of her whenever she was ill and suppported her academic ambitions, loving her through good times and bad. Reply My wife left me 6 months ago apparently I made her so miserable she just kicked me out with nothing to my name.

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