Hopeless dating

Knowing these statistics won't fix your problem, but you may feel better knowing you have lots of company.

While any problem with sex is upsetting to a man, nothing generates as much concern, anxiety, shame, and even terror as an inability to get or maintain erections.

The result is usually a miserable time for all concerned.

Over time erection problems typically bring about a horrible equality of feelings for the man and his partner.

She feels as powerless to remedy the situation as he does and often blames herself, thinking she's not attractive or skilful enough to arouse him.

She starts feeling unattractive, undesirable, and unloved.

The primary meaning of impotence, the term traditionally applied to erection difficulties, is "a lack of power, strength and vigor" - the negation of all that we consider masculine.Although erection problems are found at all ages, they become more common with age.A recent study found that 52 percent of men between the ages of forty and seventy had some degree of erection problem.The second is sex therapy, the third is a combination of the first two.If you are taking any of the suspected drugs, adjusting the dose or switching to another drug is possible.

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