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Surveyors who study individual sites and towns should attempt to determine whether personal gardens existed on the study site and whether such gardens reflect traditional or imported attitudes toward farming and space utilization.

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Many eastern Kentuckians who left farms for work in coal towns brought a tradition of small-scale agriculture which could be practiced in some form in this new setting.

Stone served the needs of many builders for foundations, chimneys, and for landscaping even though it saw limited use in wall construction.

Because of its many potential uses both inside and outside of dwelling construction, stone production is discussed at length here.

A survey of the state's quarries in the 1920s revealed that eastern Kentucky possessed 30% of the state's counties and 20.9% of the state's quarries (Richardson: 107).

This compares with the Bluegrass area which consisted of a comparable portion of counties but held 56.8% of the state's quarries (Richardson: 201).

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    Some tenty years after its introduction in September 1931, No 40647 heads a local train at Ayr on 27th July 1951. Note the Fowler flat sided tender which differed from the earlier Midland tender with coal rails as seen attached to 40491 above.(Above-Inset-Below) Listed among the engines in my Ian Allan abc Locospotters Book (1958-59 winter edition) are 33 'Compound' Class 4P 4-4-0s Nos 40907-41193, albeit the sequence of numbers reveal ominous gaps due to scrapping.

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    Johnson's career achievements include three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, and ten All-NBA First and Second Team nominations.