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The model admitted that the incident has left her numb and speechless.Research Interests: Investigation of groove-modified nucleobases on Y-family DNA polymerase activity, Construction of metal nanowires based on biomolecular templates, Structure-function correlations of unorthodox DNA structures.Research Interests: Protein Aggregation and their Role in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Role of Post Translational Modifications on protein aggregation and toxicity, Peptides as Molecular Probes / Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, Role of Proteomics in understanding the effect of disease modifying therapies, Difficult Peptide Synthesis and Novel Scaffolds.Research Interests: Evolution of mobile genetic elements/ transposons: mechanisms of transposition and control, modifications of function in transposase homologs, Genomic and proteomic analysis of transposases and transposase homologs.The model-blogger took to social media to narrate her ordeal and posted photographs of her bruised legs."I was coming back from a bloggers meet wearing a skirt suddenly two guys came near me and tried to pull my skirt. I fell down, but nobody tried to stop them," she said.Some people also want their partner belonging to the same caste and religion.

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Thus it becomes very much easy for especially singles in Guwahati for their marriage, to choose the right person as their life partner who is also preferred to the family.

In Guwahati it is seen that the women seeking men in Guwahati for their marriages. It is advisable to the women seeking men in Guwahati for their life partner should register their name in the online dating Guwahati.

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