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A minimum age for the SH deposits is now reported to be 530 ka (19), whereas specimens from the British, French, and Italian localities are dated at 500 ka or younger.Older material of secure archaeological and stratigraphic provenience is known only from Atapuerca in Spain.The ages obtained for the four other teeth are, respectively, 624 79/−73 and 627 73/−71 ka for the lower sands and 458 39/−37 and 502 43/−41 ka for the upper sands (Fig. in terms of bio- and lithostratigraphy, as well as depth in the deposits.The two sand samples Mau 1 and Mau 2 were taken 0.5 m below and above the gravel bed.

Thus, they belong to the Brunhes chron and are younger than 780,000 y (3).This result demonstrates that the mandible is the oldest hominin fossil reported to date from central and northern Europe and raises questions concerning the phyletic relationship of ” fossils from Trinil in Java, the Mauer jaw is one of the classic finds of paleoanthropology.It was found on October 21, 1907, at a depth of 24 m in the Grafenrain sand pit, resting in fluvial sediments named the “Mauer sands” (1).Hence, the interglacial represented by the Mauer lower sands is usually correlated with MIS 13 or MIS 15, orbitally tuned dates of 478–533 ka and 563–621 ka, respectively (6).In view of the importance of this site for documenting the appearance of in Europe, more accurate dating is desirable.

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