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Then there are the women who work upstairs, about 20, and who are considered independent contractors.Those who agreed to be interviewed asked that their names not be used, because of the nature of their work and because they were not permitted by their supervisors to do so.But with a friend’s encouragement, she agreed to “see what it’s all about.”Anastasia — who agreed to be identified by her confirmation name — started working at Show Follies, a former Times Square pornography emporium. I am very thankful for it.”Anastasia is thinking about returning to school in the hopes of starting a new career. But until then, they will keep reporting to work at the Playpen, even as it cedes ground to more modern forms of titillation, including live cam shows, the digital-era version of the peep show.“I can’t compete with the Internet,” the porter said.

Most women will do a striptease for , and masturbate for .“I used to look at older girls and be like, that won’t be me,” Anastasia said recently.

“I used to laugh at them.”She had dropped out of high school and run away from her home when she was 16, and was coming off a five-year stint working as a stripper at a Manhattan club. “I really didn’t want to go to the peep show,” she said.

The notion of having strange men pleasuring themselves as she performed her act was extremely unappealing, she added.

Only 10, including the Playpen, remain in the Times Square district, according to the Times Square Alliance, a group that promotes business and economic development in the area.

(The Playpen closed at its original location in 2007 and then reopened down the block.)Inside the Playpen are aisles of every imaginable toy, movie and accessory.

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