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It’s the same reason why they don’t advocate for public schools or universal health care – it’s not like they sent their kids to public school (or would now) so they can’t relate at all and therefore they don’t see its value or necessity.But they would have voted differently on that AR15 ban if one of those children had been at Sandy Hook or Parkland.The main reason I’m not campaigning to take your guns is because its clear that being totally anti-gun is futile and will further no progress. Less access to military style rifles that can kill so many so fast. We all know why politicians won’t change the laws – they are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the NRA to essentially not regulate guns and vote pro-gun policy. Frankly, I think they are cowards, but I don’t think they are necessarily bad people.I am am personally very anti-gun, but I just want compromise with the hopes of more safety and less tragedy. They also just do not have the same fears and vulnerabilities of normal people because they and their children or grandchildren are more protected and privileged.I don’t know why someone would be opposed to strict background checks and wait times for any gun store.

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Newsflash, folks: listening to different viewpoints is enlightening. So today’s question is another one in which I’m desperate for your input: Why do you own and/or like guns?

I’ve shot a machine gun at a firing range in Vietnam where my adrenaline spiked faster than those bullets (its a weird tourist thing).

I realize these are not everyday gun shooting scenarios but they are all I’ve got.

And that baby, now grown, given the chance to feel some power, or maybe to feel The latest shooter went to Wal-Mart to grab deoderant and then to Macdonald’s to grab a filet-o-fish after killing 17 high school kids (we don’t know what he really bought). But I understand and appreciate your need to feel safe – I want to feel safe, too, which is why I have a fancy home security system. I understand that having a handgun provides you some comfort for personal defense.

That void of sense isn’t the result of having a normal, healthy life. And yet there is no multiple choice questionnaire or blood-test to find out how broken someone is or what their potential threat might be to society before they buy an AR15 or M16. Just because I don’t want to own a gun doesn’t mean that I want to take away the right of responsible, highly checked and trained adults to buy a handgun for personal protection or a rifle for sport (assuming you store them in safes where no child could ever find or accidentally obtain access).

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