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Above all, don't hit her back to try to teach her a lesson.

For example, if she hits her sister, you could ask, "How do you think Ella felt when you did that? " Don't expect her to stay focused for a long lecture, but just suggest nicer ways for her to vent her frustration.

What could we do instead to show her that you're unhappy? " If your child knows exactly what she did right, she may be more likely to do it again.

" Praise compassionate behaviour When your child has been kind, tell her what she did right, and be as specific as possible: "You were very generous to share your teddy bear with your baby brother. Point out other people's empathy Help your child to notice when someone else has behaved kindly.

It takes many years to learn all the social rules of what is and isn't acceptable, so don’t expect your child to have perfect manners.

However, you can encourage her to show respect for others by talking in a calm, polite way.

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