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“This is a really malleable group of people with tremendous capacity to change.”For most of the past century, scientists assumed brains were fully developed by age 18. Over the next decade, other researchers confirmed that the brain seems to undergo a burst of growth and connectivity after age 18, but few experts pursued those observations.In 2012, a comprehensive analysis of brain development omitted data on young adults ages 18 to 21 because so few studies had been done.After attending a lecture at Harvard on brain development, George Gascón, the San Francisco district attorney, decided to tackle these questions head on.In 2015, he and Wendy Still, then the city’s probation chief, established Young Adult Court, a hybrid of the adult and juvenile justice systems tailored to the biology and circumstances of offenders 18 to 24. Gascón and his colleagues argue that neurological immaturity may contribute to criminal behavior. scans to track the brain development of 145 people ages 4 to 22.More This book is a comparative study exploring the writings of an Indian Christian theologian named Ayadurai Jesudason Appasamy (1891–1975) and his comparative theological interaction with the twelfth-century Śrivaiṣṇava reformer, Rāmānuja.

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He already had a misdemeanor assault conviction — for a fight in a laundromat when he was 19. Instead, Shaquille — who spoke on condition that his full name not be used, lest his record jeopardize his chances of finding a job — wound up in San Francisco’s Young Adult Court, which offered him an alternative.

Simmons in 2005, which abolished the death penalty for juveniles — was partly based on science suggesting that adolescent brains are not fully developed.

This continuing process, the justices reasoned, diminished culpability and justified sentencing that was less harsh.

Should they be treated more like adolescents, handled in the comparatively lenient juvenile system, or more like hardened 35-year-olds?

Should young adults be held fully responsible for certain crimes but not others?

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