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Box 2885A is restricted due to fragility; contact the repository regarding access.

Boxes 1074C and 1074D are restricted due to fragility; contact repository to request digital imaging.

Alexis Adkins, Heather Courtney, Judy Chou, Holly Deakyne, Maggie Hughes, B.

Karenina Karyadi, Medria Martin, Emmabeth Nanol, Alice Poulalion, Pietro Rigolo, Elena Salza, Laura Schroffel, Lindsey Sommer, Melanie Tran, Sue Tyson, Xiaoda Wang, and Isabella Zuralski.

In addition to showcasing current developments in contemporary art such as kinetic art, op art, and happenings, Szeemann also examined areas of early twentieth-century modernism such as Dada and surrealism, including artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Kazimir Malevich, and Vassily Kandinsky, as well as various fields of visual culture such as Art Brut, science fiction and religious iconography.

In 1961 he became one of the youngest museum directors in the world when he was appointed to head the Kunsthalle Bern.

During his collaboration with Kunsthaus Zürich (1981-2000), Szeemann became known for producing definitive solo exhibitions, not only on contemporary artists such as Joseph Beuys, Georg Baselitz, and Bruce Nauman, but on such cultural icons as Charles Baudelaire, Alfred Jarry and Egon Schiele.

Szeemann's mid-1980s contemporary sculpture group exhibitions included Traces, Sculptures and Monuments of Their Precise Journey (1985) and De Sculptura (1986).

Szeemann began his personal archive in the late 1960s when, leaving the Kunsthalle Bern, he decided to take a substantial part of the documentation for his exhibitions with him. Szeemann kept all documents and research material related to his projects, including all correspondence sent or received.

The archive is not only a resource for the study of Szeemann's exhibitions, activities and interests, but is also an invaluable trove of rare gallery and museum ephemera such as invitation cards, press releases and posters from the 1960s to the 2000s.

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